Shiv Sena, BJP our main rivals, state NCP chief reminds party

Avhad is reported to have told party office bearers to adopt a more aggressive stance. Give back as you get, he is believed to have told them. “We have to be secular and stick to the basic tenets of our party principles”, said Avhad, who represents the Mumbra assembly constituency in Thane. “Our chief opponents are Shiv Sena and BJP. There is no point fighting with other secular parties, or our alliance partner Congress,” Avhad is believed to have said.

Jadhav vowed to work for the party’s growth, and appealed to the leaders to work to increase numbers of winning candidates in the Lok Sabha and the State Assembly. Both Jadhav and Avhad asked district presidents and state unit office bearers to retaliate in the face of unwarranted criticism or baseless allegations against the party supremo Sharad Pawar and his nephew, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar.  

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