Shiv Sena minister likens Aamir, Dilip Kumar, SRK to 'snakes'

Mumbai: A Shiv Sena minister in BJP-led Maharashtra government today said actor Aamir Khan "can go to Pakistan" if he didn't love India and that people such as Aamir, Shah Rukh and thespian Dilip Kumar were like "snakes", considering their statements.

Senior Shiv Sena leader and the state Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam was responding when asked about Aamir Khan's statement that his wife Kiran Rao was afraid to live in India due to rising intolerance and suggested they move out of the country.

"If he doesn't love the country any more, then he can go to Pakistan," Kadam said. "The police should also conduct an inquiry whether Aamir's statement is anti-national," he said. Kadam compared Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar to snakes for being "ungrateful."

"From Dilip Kumar to Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir, we gave everyone of them a lot of love. However, the statements coming from them make us feel as if we have nurtured snakes," said Kadam.

  • anda123425-Nov-2015

    For those who act as if like they know what intolerance is about : 1) Amir Khan never said he wants to go out of country. Watch video2) He said there has been sort of unease past 6 months. He didn't say it's since BJP took power3) Past 6 months is where beef, pakistan jao comments, religious hatred were spread as part of Bihar election4) He said going off India is a disastrous decision and he wont do it.5) Just coz PK release and he got crores doesnt mean he shouldn't say what he feels

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