Shiv Sena protest over removal of saffron flags at Dadar

Jul 02, 2015, 17:09 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

The Shiv Sena carried out a protest on Dadar's Ranade road on Thursday against the local ward officer who allegedly removed the saffron flags placed there.

The protest went on for about an hour beacuse of which heavy police presence was seen and several shops had to be shut. The BMC has been carrying out a drive for removal of encroachments and illegal flags of all political parties in the area.

On Wednesday, during one such drive on Ranade road, several saffron flags were allegedly removed on the instructions of the ward officer. The Shiv Sena then staged a protest under the leadership of Sada Sarvankar and Nana Ambole, senior party leaders. About 50 Shiv Sainiks raised slogans such as 'Bhagwa zenda fadakla, Marathi manoos bhadakla...' But when asked why they are protesting when it is the Sena that rules the BMC, Sarvankar said that the local ward officer is a 'Congress-oriented' person.

About 50-60 policemen and some officials were deployed to control the situation. One of the flags was restored later by the BMC after which the protest was called off.

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