How did swimwear makers become wedding planners?

Feb 21, 2017, 13:41 IST | Dhara Vora

Sketch of the plan

For the label-conscious traveller keen to look their stylish best while sipping margaritas on white sands, an Indian resortwear name that comes to mind is Shivan & Narresh. The young luxe label, helmed by Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja, is now foraying into curating and designing destination weddings and sun-drenched pool parties. And going by the first engagement brunch under their belt, the party seems to have just begun.

The venue prior to the engagement

How did the wedding bug bite a duo known for their resortwear?

Narresh: With the great Indian wedding dream taking the destination route, it was logical for us as a holiday label to offer festive options for the travelling wardrobe that fits logically in both the spheres of holidays and weddings. And further to this lifestyle, an extension into spatial experiences was organic as the aesthetic associated with the brand sat effortlessly with the modern-day celebrations, which are fatigued with the predictably excessive and ostentatious aesthetic.

Is it easy to survive the Indian fashion industry without looking at the wedding market?

Narresh: As long as we remain true to our philosophy, DNA and aesthetics with uniqueness and freshness in creation, nothing can stop us from flourishing.

Shivan and Narresh

How will you translate your style to the big fat Indian wedding?

Shivan: Grandeur can be created beyond what just meets the eyes — for us, grandness is creating experiences that excite and stimulate all five senses, going beyond the décor. It is almost the call of the hour for the wedding industry to offer new experiences. This is where our brand sits comfortably as the approach is completely different from the existing trends.

Narresh: In this recent celebration, the experience involved playing with the subconscious of guests by getting them to wander amidst a maze of mirrors. A green labyrinth with over 20,000 square feet of fresh leaves was constructed to create 12 feet-high green walls meant to be lost in, and this eventually led to an oasis bar that served as the centrepiece of the celebration. The emotion of feeling lost and discovering joy, akin to finding love, is what we wanted to create.

Modern, indulgent, colourful and sophisticated is what we aim to be to stand out in a wedding industry that is full of over-the-top ideas.

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