Shocking: Monkey found tied to moving car in Mumbai

The image that has gone viral

On Monday evening, pictures of a monkey tied with a rope, on the bonnet of a tourist car in Mumbai, went viral after a 23-year-old posted the pictures on social media.

Narrating the incident, Unnati Sinha (23), told DNA, “At 8 pm, I was near the Western Express Highway junction signal near Chembur, when a white car with a 'T' symbol on it stopped beside mine. I was stunned to see that a monkey was tied with a rope and was on the bonnet of the car. The monkey looked very scared, it could barely sit, as the minute the car moved a little, it would le balance. I tried talking to the three men in the car, telling them to take the monkey inside, but they just laughed at me. I couldn't follow the car, but took down the car number and clicked pictures of them.

The report added that Unnati later got in touch with Pawan Sharma, the founder and president of Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW), an NGO that works for the welfare of animals. “Our Chembur team of volunteers tried to search the area, but couldn't find the car or any trace of it,” Pawan told the paper.

“About 15 days ago, my friend Alban Amikat was traveling to Mulund via Eastern Express Highway, and spotted the same car but couldn't get a photo of the people inside at that time,” he added.

Alban was quoted as saying in the report, “I saw this car at IIT Powai. When I pulled my car beside it, I saw that the monkey was tied to the bonnet. I tried following it, but couldn't, so I just took a photo of the number plate and sent it to Pawan.”

Pawan went on to add that they will approach the cops, RTO and the forest department, seeking action against the culprits.

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