Shoe on the other foot

Suhel Seth, a man whose absence would probably leave our news channels high and dry on most days of the week, drew attention to himself again, but for the wrong reasons. This happened after a not-so-flattering review of his book 'Get to the Top: The ten rules for social success' went viral. 

A number of people used the opportunity to make not-so-flattering remakes about the man himself. Like Jos � Covaco, for instance, who tweeted: 'Seth is so famous, he sometimes refuses to give himself his autograph.' Tasneem N asked: 'In the middle of running from one news studio to the other, Seth gets time to write a book! How?' And from Vinay Kashyap: 'Whenever I see him on television, I thank my barber for giving me a haircut which others like, even if I don't!'

Another tragedy
Imphal was suddenly thrust into the spotlight after a powerful bomb exploded outside a crowded exhibition area there, ahead of the Prime Minister's visit. Rojit Irom tweeted: 'At some point in their lives, the perpetrators of today's blast failed to understand the joy this life gives, and kept on absorbing hate. Sad.' A more cynical comment came from Akee Sorokhaibam: 'Bomb blast. Intelligence failure. Police were busy combing the markets and eve-teasing the girls who came to the fest.'

Remembering Twain
Google's doodle commemorating the 176th birth anniversary of Mark Twain, giant of American literature, became a talking point for much of the day. Why? As Neha Shingade put it: 'Can't define my feelings when I saw the doodle this morning. All those endless hours of reading Twain's books flashed in front of my eyes.' 

The last word
An insight from filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: 'In spite of all the rewards, stars know best of all that life is no walk on the beach. It is like living in a fishbowl.'

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