I am very passionate about shopping. I can spend an entire day in a mall shopping for clothes and accessories.

Angad Hasija, TV actor 
I enjoy the ambience of a mall and find the whole exercise very therapeutic. If you take a look at my closet, you will find more than 50 pairs of jeans, and more than 110 briefs. I am very fond of designer clothes and branded stuff. Every three months, I take out an entire day for shopping. 

After wearing a shirt or jacket on more than three occasions, I start losing interest in it. I love red T-shirts and shirts, but my party wear is mostly black.

In denims, I stick to the conventional blue. In fact, I love shopping more than my wife Parneet. I also enjoy helping her choose her outfits.

Sometimes, I go to exhibitions if I want to check out handloom outfits. Though I follow the trends, I like to mix and match as well. I have been a shopaholic since 10 years. Quite a few of my friends/family members like to take me with them on their shopping trips.