An online shopping site promises to cater to every child's requirements for school, but with over 15,000 products to choose from, there's stuff for grown-ups as well

Shopping with kids and for kids can be tiresome. Not only are they spoilt for choice, but also having to cajole them into making a budget-friendly one can be a task. And then there are the annual school requirements, ranging from the school bag to stationery and textbooks. Online shopping portal Allschoolstuff[.com] hopes to ease at least some of the strain.

"As a parent, I suffered a lot trying to source my children's school requirements," says Manoj Chandra, CEO and co-founder of the site. "I had to run to different places for requirements, including a shoe store, textbook shop and the general store for a tiffin box."

Manoj says he also realised that the trek to each of these places was not cost-effective either. "When a child needs a 50-paise map, you end up spending more on your travel to the store," he explains. Therefore, in order to fill the gap for a one-stop-shop for all school-related requirements, Manoj and his partner founded in September 2011. Four months later, they now offer over 15,000 products.

Easy to use
Products are sorted into different categories, including Books and learning, Art and Craft and Activity Centre. These categories have several sub-categories that include 'text books', 'reference books' and 'exam guides'. If you know what you want, just click on the brand of your choice.

The exhaustive product range includes practically anything from a pencil to customised furniture for schools.
They also offer e-learning facilities on the site. Come June, and they will provide customised uniform facilities. For orders above Rs 250, they offer free delivery. Future plans include a cash-on-delivery service

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