Shot Clock time limit in IPTL should be increased: Marin Cilic

New Delhi: Despite endorsing the innovative rules introduced in the International Premier Tennis league (IPTL), reigning US Open Champion Marin Cilic said Monday, the 20-second time limit for the Shot Clock regulation should be increased to give players more time to serve.

Marin Cilic

The inaugural tournament has mooted several ingenious rules, one of them being the Shot Clock which gives players only 20 seconds to resume play in between points.

“IPTL is all about new rules and breaking the code. Tweaking the regular rules we have in a season. From my own point of view and on behalf of the other players, may be from next year, it would be better if we have a few more seconds in between points. That would help us get a feel of the crowd, make it more interesting,” Cilic, part of the UAE Royals team, said at a press conference here.

He said a relaxation in the time limit will help players connect with the fans during the match more effectively.

“With the existing rule, you have to be really quick to get your serve in or else you lose points. In one way it’s good but otherwise it would be beneficial if we get more time to connect with the fans,” the World No.9 said.

The 26-year-old though said he understood the commercial aspect of the rule and why the time limit was so tight.

“It will give us more opportunity to entertain the crowd. But it is fun for the public, for the TV viewers and also for the players,” he said.

Legend Roger Federer who debuted for Indian Aces Sunday has said he didn't fancy all the innovative rules that were tried out in the competition.

"The stop clock is very important in this format but it is also very stressful for the players. Maybe some rules they can do away with. I am a bit traditional and like the way tennis has been played over the years and I prefer to keep it that way," he said.



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