Shot in the dark: A-list actor and another star's wife spotted smoking

An A-list actor recently had a rather high moment, as he attended a music concert over the weekend. The actor, along with his wife and another star WAG, was spotted lighting up a ciggie and feeling a bit “too jolly”.

An onlooker says, “He, his wife and another A-list actor’s wife had come to attend DJ Armin van Buuren’s concert over the weekend at the Mahalaxmi racecourse. All the three were quite high on their joints and left soon after.”

Another birdie who rubbed shoulders with the three inside the VIP area says, “They were enjoying each others company inside the VIP area. Surprisingly, they were smoking up khullam-khulla. Soon he became too high and the ladies had the sense to leave the venue quickly.” The onlooker adds, “They left before he could create a scene or get into a brawl with someone.” 

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