This newcomer, who is stepping into the big bad world of Bollywood, couldn't have asked for a better mentor than his own father, one of the coolest veterans in B-Town. And daddy wants everything about his child's debut film to be perfect, and has taken control of the launch project. While this may bode well for the debutant, the makers are not too happy about the overt interference.

Shot in the dark: Star dad's interference in son's Bollywood debut upsets director

A source says, "The new actor assisted a few filmmakers before signing the project. But right from the making to post-production, the father has been keeping track of the progress. He also offers suggestions regarding creative aspects. It is now becoming painful for the filmmaker to deal with the doting dad."

The senior actor feels the film has not shaped up well and has been bombarding the director with suggestions to tweak a few portions.

"The director is upset, but has decided to overlook his interference so that their equation doesn't sour," adds the source.