Shot in the dark: Actress forgoes salary for role in big-ticket film

Oct 17, 2015, 08:15 IST | The Hitlist Team

This pretty actress may have worked with big industry names, but she has very few hits in her kitty. Keen to salvage her unremarkable career, she requested the makers of a big budget film to cast her opposite a leading actor and even offered to sacrifice her fee. 

A source says, “Though she is counted among A-listers and always stays in the news, she is yet to establish herself as an actress to reckon with. She hopes that her upcoming film will give her unremarkable career a boost. Several top-notch actresses vied for the role, but she managed to bag it because she agreed to do it free of cost.”

Some say the actress’ family also played a role in influencing the makers’ casting choice. “She would send feelers to the lead actor when she heard the makers were looking for an A-list actress to play his leading lady. Her family also put in a word for her. If this film does well, she is optimistic that her career will get back on track,” adds the source.

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