Shot in the dark: Affair out in the open

A married actor and a star wife were spotted checking into a hotel late at night

B-Town has been buzzing about the alleged romance between a married actor and a star wife for a while now and it appears that they have decided to throw caution to the wind.

Shot in the dark

A few nights ago, they were spotted at a five-star hotel lobby in central Mumbai. They seemed undeterred by the stares of onlookers as they waited for the elevator to arrive. Even though it was 1:30 am, there were quite a few people in the lobby.

In the past, the actor has stated that any insinuation about a romance between the two was just wrong, as the star and his wife were just 'dear pals'.

Their relationship may be going strong, but the actor's wife strangely prefers to remain a mute witness to her hubby's doings.



  • Line02-May-2014

    Just in time to Hrithiks and Suzannes divorce file. C´mon it´s too obviously to be true, I mean what fears little Hrithik? To damage his image because instead all the bad PR he and his father spread against Suzanne she gets custody for rtheir kids. Why manipulating people?

  • Carol02-May-2014

    How much paid Hrithik and his father to Midday that you come with this blind item on the day of their divorce file? I mean how silly do you think are both of them to check in at a Mumbai hotel in front of all? Learn good journalism!

  • blindbollywood02-May-2014

    Arjun Rampal and Sussanne Roshan/Khan?

  • Akira02-May-2014

    Arjun rampal and Suzanne Roshan

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