This director, who excels in the romance genre, seems prone to bursts of anger these days. Recently, he had a heated exchange with the producers of his film and a witness to the showdown says that arguments between them have taken place on more occasions than one. 

A source says, “The producers, one of whom is an industry senior, wasn’t happy with the way the film shaped up and suggested a few changes, but the director did not pay heed. That led to a big fight between them and the producers have been maintaining a distance from all promotional activities.”

The producers have now made up their mind to never collaborate with the man in question. “The director does not like any interference in his work and he lost his cool when bombarded with unsolicited suggestions relating to the creative aspect. We know that he is a no-nonsense person who likes to stick to his own vision, but he is having frequent mood swings of late,” adds a source close to the film.