Shot in the dark: Lovestruck married actor falls for this single actress

Oct 07, 2015, 16:01 IST | The Hitlist Team

He is a married man and she, a single actress. The two have one thing in common — they both are respected for their acting talent. She has always maintained that she admired his work and would love to work with him. Opportunities however, didn’t come by for her to share screen space with him and perhaps take her admiration to the next level. But as they say, when you are destined to come together, you don’t need too many opportunities.

Shot in the dark

She was thrilled when he had only good things to say about her acting abilities. Soon after, an opportunity came by where she could meet him in person and as expected, sparks flew. Since then, we hear that the actress doesn’t take any decision without consulting the man and he, in return, is smitten by her.

She has had a rather tumultuous past but looks like she’s not given up on love. The man, however, after much resistance because of his marital status, seems to have finally decided to give in to temptation and an affair continues. One can’t predict how long it will last, but as of now, the couple seems to be living in the moment.

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