A few weeks ago, a film featuring big star cast and a huge budget to boot hit the marquee. Although the remake did decent business at the box office, it is said that the production house could not recover their targetted money. Somebody had to pay the price for it and in a unique development, the marketing team of the production house was chosen for the deed.

Shot in the dark

A well-placed source reveals that before the film's release, the production team was already tense as it had exceeded the budget and the star cast had given limited time for promotions too. However, somehow, they hoped since the big names are attached to the project, they will be able to at least recover their money — if not make profit. Unfortunately though the film did fine business on papers, the makers suffered huge losses.

The film was shot at various foreign locations and since it was an action film, a lot of moolah was spent on the post-production work. A source adds, "Surprisingly the production team has blamed the in-house marketing team for not doing their job properly instead of actors or director. In fact, it is the marketing team who had to bear the brunt. All the team has received a notice stating that their pay package will be reduced by at least 20 per cent as the film which they marketed did not do well. Some of them were way too upset with this decision but could not do anything about it.

Wonder if this incident has any precedent in Bollywood!