Shot in the dark: Married director spotted cosying up with female friend

Hoping to get his career back on track, this director is now readying himself for a much hyped bold project. Though the married man is known to be flirtatious by nature, his antics at a local night club amused onlookers to no end. An eyewitness says he was not only in an expansive mood, but also was seen trying his luck with one of his female friends.

Shot in the dark

Says the source, "He had come over with a group of friends, but chose to stay glued to this particular girl. He was in high spirits and the duo was engrossed in some serious conversation. They even moved to another table to ensure that no one interrupted them and were later seen getting cosy with each other."

The crowd present at the venue was stunned to see the director's behaviour. Another source present at the club tells us, "The director was really not in his senses and was trying to impress the girl. He even insisted on accompanying her till home in her car. He seemed completely smitten by her."

  • Omar21-Jul-2015

    Madhur Bhandarkar for sure

  • kj21-Jul-2015

    good that's what you get for cheating your spouse. such immorality by married people values in bollywood

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