Shot in the dark: Money over friendship

When he was starting out in the industry, this director gave him a fair chance to prove himself. The actor then went on to star in several hit films and soon became a superstar. Now his children too have followed suit and of late, he has also starred in some Hollywood projects.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

Recent buzz in the industry has it that the actor is in no mood to accommodate the director’s requests now. It seems that this filmmaker, who directed the actor in a 1992 blockbuster, had recently approached him for a film. But the actor, despite being friends with the director, quoted a huge amount for the project.

Says a source, “Recently when the filmmaker met the actor and offered him a film, the actor asked that he be paid Rs 8-9 crore. The director was taken aback to hear this, and he has decided against casting the actor in his project. He will now approach other names for it.”



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