Shot in the dark: Single star not ready to mingle yet

Oct 29, 2014, 08:40 IST | The Hitlist Team

This Bollywood star is reportedly unhappy with the talent management company he is associated with. Though he seems to be enjoying being single, he wants to avoid link-ups with any actress at the moment.

Shot in the dark

Recently, rumours started circulating about the actor fancying a relatively junior actress, who is also handled by the same company. Wherever this good looking actor went, they made sure that this tall, dusky actress was also around. Initially, the actor didn’t make much of her regular presence but when the rumour mills started working overtime, he was miffed. He apparently believes that the agency is misusing his stardom to promote this particular actress.

The actress also gave several interviews, rubbishing the link-up buzz — although she was once again seen at an event that was attended by the actor. So, now he has decided that enough is enough and has warned the company against any uncalled for controversies. His team is also on its toes to ensure that the company stays within its limits.

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