Shot in the dark: These co-stars are squabbling over film promotions

This actor has a film coming up for release and he’s keen to promote it as much as he can. He is said to have invested in this project and this is also why he doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned as far as this film is concerned.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

But unfortunately, his co-star has apparently not been very co-operative.

A source says, “This actor has put in his own money in the film and now he’s instructing every member of the team about how they should promote the film. With the film garnering some negative publicity, he has openly warned people against publishing unfavourable news items about him or his film.”

Also, he was recently upset with his co-star since she didn’t turn up for a promotional event. “During the Dahi Handi festival, the actor was going to visit two different venues along the actress but she did not turn up at the first one. This actor then said some not so flattering things about her in front of everyone. He went on to question how she could behave so irresponsibly. He then called her and made her join him at the second event,” says the source.



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