Shot in the dark: This actor is forcing comparisons with a newcomer

This actor is known for his action roles. He has also done some films in the South film industry. Now it has emerged that he has asked his PR team to ensure that comparisons are drawn between him and a newcomer who is just gearing up for the release of his debut film. The latter is a star kid and the trailer of his film was released last week.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

Says a source, “The trailer of the debutant actor’s film has attracted an encouraging response. But a lot of people have commented that the film reminds them of the other actor and his stunts. This is interesting because there are no similarities between the star kid and this actor; nor do their films deal with a common subject. This is the handiwork of the actor’s overenthusiastic PR team; they want people to write off the star kid and ensure that their client stays in the limelight.”

It seems that the actor’s PR team has also been circulating stories about how the star son is following in his footsteps. Clearly, insecurity and jealousy can make actors behave in the strangest of ways. We are highly amused.

  • Vidyut09-Apr-2014

    Vidyut Jamwal(actor with overenthusiastic PR Team),Tiger Shroff(upcoming starkid)

  • Lucky09-Apr-2014

    So simple, VIdhyut Jamwal and star son is Tiger Shroff.

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