Shot in the dark: This actor is seeking solace in tarot cards

This actor has been in the news for while now for both professional and personal reasons. With his life going through upheavals, he is now seeking solace in tarot cards. It is being said that he has been frequenting a tarot card reader, who now seems to have become the guiding force in his life.

In fact, the actor has been telling people around him that her accurate predictions have really helped him during trying times. So much so that he is also coughing up a whopping amount of Rs 50 lakh per year for her tarot advice.

A person close to this actor says, “He is not known to be a superstitious person, but it looks like these tarot sessions have helped him overcome a lot of hurdles in his life. So he doesn’t mind paying her a hefty amount.” The actor is known to visit her whenever he feels low and has also put her number on his speed dial.

“Often, he calls her in the middle of the night and has long conversations with her. He takes sher advice very seriously,” adds the source.

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