This upcoming star, who made his debut with a big banner, has been in relationship for quite a long time now though he has not been very vocal about it. It has now emerged that the actor is also romantically involved with another girl.

Shot in the dark

A source says, "The actor's latest film has garnered good reviews. He has been dating a girl for a while now and he even warned people around him to not link him with anyone so as to not upset his girlfriend. But now it appears that he's seeing a girl who is working with a film production house."

This girl has been handling his work and often she travels with him. "She has been accompanying him on his outdoor shoots and promotional tours. A few days ago, while promoting his film in Delhi, he was staying in a hotel room with this girl. They stepped out at midnight only to return early in the morning. It is clear that she takes extra care of him and they spend a lot of time together."

A person close to the actor says that this girl is also supposedly aware that he is already in a relationship, but she seems to be fine with it. "Some time ago, the actor's girlfriend had come down to catch a screening of his film and this other girl was also supposed to be present at the event. But the actor managed to convince the girl from the production house to skip the event. Now he is alert and he avoids bringing the two of them together," says the source.