Shot in the dark: This actor's mother arranged his break-up

While several theories about this actor couple's split has been doing the rounds, our sources say that a family issue led them to part ways. A source states, "Things were going steady for the couple but the boy's mother did not approve of the relationship at all. She initially seemed to be okay with her. Later, when the actress used to drop by at his place, the mother started maintaining her distance. She expressed her feelings to her actor-son, who tried his best to make things better but in vain."

Actor's mother behind his break-up

Meanwhile, the actor is believed to have fallen for a foreigner, with whom he has shared professional relations earlier. The source adds, "His mother was completely against the idea of her son's marriage with the actress. Worse still, she believed the girl had brought bad luck to her son and so, wanted to keep them from seeing each other. The mother gave her the cold shoulder whenever they met. The father, however, had no objection to the marriage and was fond of the actress."

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