Though the two may be the best of buddies, recent developments have caused a dent in their friendship.

Buzz is that the star feels cheated. She was blindly trusting him and agreeing to be in his films even without reading the script. But after their last film proved to be a dud, she has learnt a lesson.

Second thoughts
For starters, she will not give her approval before knowing exactly what the script and character demands. She is clearly in no mood to mix friendship with work any longer. No wonder, the actress who considers him as a brother, has refused to be part of an upcoming production of this filmmaker.

Though the producer-director has been saying that the project has been delayed, the truth is that the star is demanding her moolah and will only sign on the dotted line after she is convinced about her role.

The actress has been voicing her fears and apprehensions to her close pals about being taken for granted by the filmmaker.

Taking for granted
On the other hand, the producer-director feels because of their bonding the star is taking him for a ride. During their last film, she would arrive late, change shoot schedules according to her whims and fancies.

She knew fully well that she would not be pulled up by the director and unit due to her proximity to the filmmaker. He has been voicing her tardiness to his clique. Their bonding may remain on the personal level, but on the professional front are not like before.