Shot in the dark: This actress was not given her due at awards event

Jun 11, 2015, 08:55 IST | The Hitlist Team

Tinseltown has been buzzing about the behaviour of an actress at a recent Bollywood awards gala. Though she appeared to be gung-ho at the events she attended, it apparently was just a put-on act. Her camaraderie with the other actors was only for the shutterbugs around.

Shot in the dark

The said actress was seething in anger within hours of landing at the venue. For starters, she felt that the way she was being treated at the event was not what she had bargained for. Says a source, "She had confirmed her participation despite an extremely tight schedule and expected the arrangements to be at par — if not exceeding — with her contemporaries. She definitely felt sidelined."

The actress felt she was a big name — she is riding high after a string of successful releases — bigger than the rest in attendance and deserved a good treatment.

What irritated her further was the fact that a particular star had got a much better deal than her and seemed to be the cynosure of all eyes. So she flashed her pearlies and fluttered her eyelashes for the cameras when needed, only to maintain distance from everyone later. Her demanding behaviour, however, does not come as a surprise.

Earlier, too, at an awards event, when she realised that she was not being given an award, she made a quick U-turn while on way to the ceremony. In another instance, at an overseas awards ceremony, she refused to get out of her hotel suite when she did not get the luxury vehicle she had asked for.

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