Shot in the dark: This couple are back together and blissfully in love

The duo, both actors, had to tear themselves away from each other due to circumstances around them. Forced to spend time away, both the actor and his alleged ladylove mourned their loss and spent miserable moments in private.

Following their split, both looked seemingly distraught at every public appearance. But if rumours are to be believed, the two could be back together and blissfully in love. Apparently it was during their simultaneous shoot schedules in Filmistan that the duo got back together.

A source says, “The actor was at the location to promote his upcoming film at a dance reality show, while the actress was shooting for her next film. She wanted to meet him desperately but as she was in her costume, she couldn’t venture out of her vanity van.”

Not to let the moment go waste, the actor apparently quietly sneaked into his alleged sweetheart’s van to spend some quality time together. Apparently it took just about an hour to make peace and rekindle their romance.

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