Shot in the dark: This cricketer is trying to woo a starlet

Mar 02, 2015, 08:40 IST | The Hitlist Team

This cricketer has several friends in the entertainment industry and is often spotted at filmi get-togethers and star-studded social events. Recently in town to meet his friends, he happened to run into a foreign import, who has been part of Bollywood for quite some time now, and seemed to be smitten by her.

Shot in the dark: This cricketer is trying to woo a starlet

A source says, "They met during a fashion event. After a formal introduction, the cricketer kept tagging along with her, making small talk throughout the event."

The girl in question got a break in films after having impressed a star. Even though her debut film bombed at the box office, she bagged another project rather easily.

The source adds since the actress is looking for work, she ensures that she is visible in the social circuit and therefore, has been attending many parties. "When the cricketer tried to be friendly with her, she reciprocated. Gradually, he started flirting with her and getting cosy. But she chose to maintain distance as she doesn’t want anyone to scream 'smoke' when there is no fire in the first place," the source suggests.

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