As they say, love can be kindled in the most unexpected places. Looks like the latest to fall into the love trap is this duo of 'serious' filmmakers.

Shot in the dark: This filmmaker duo indulge in PDA at Mumbai nightspot

A mating of minds seem to be taking place between the promising filmmaker and the older actress-turned-filmmaker. The two are often seen canoodling at a suburban lounge till late in the night.

This does come as a surprise because even though the lady in question has been the rebellious kind, the man is known for his nice, family man image. He is known for his loyalty towards his wife and is most often seen at events and parties, accompanied by her. In fact, he is one of the few truly liberal men in the industry and that, perhaps, is what has attracted this free-spirited filmmaker, who has always led her life the way she wanted.

We are not sure if the association will fizzle out after a brief fling or stretch longer than that. But, if the two of them put their minds together professionally, it might result in something spectacular.