Shot in the dark: This filmmaker is caught between two actresses

It's tough getting two contemporaries working together and even tougher is getting them to share screen space.

 Shot in the dark: This filmmaker finds himself caught between two actresses

A filmmaker, however, has pulled off a casting coup by getting two A-list actresses in his film. Filming scenes with them is a smooth process. However, the trouble begins when the duo has to share screen space. Each one is trying to outdo the other and this is making the director feel the heat. He not only has to deal with sharpened cat claws, but also massive egos on the set.

During a particular scene, the two just could not come face-to-face, leaving the director with no choice but to change what he had in mind. Luckily, they do not have too many scenes together or completing the film would have been a Herculean task.

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