Shot in the dark: This filmmaker is said to have a roving eye

If sources are to be believed, this producer is the latest casanova in the film industry. This much-married filmmaker has apparently become the talk of the town for having hit on a few aspiring actresses.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

It seems that this producer has now started doing recces for his film projects and it is also being said that he meets aspiring actresses even before they audition with his directors. In one of his recent interviews, he said that he is willing to give an opportunity to upcoming actresses. “This producer is openly promising roles to actresses who are willing to spend time with him,” says a source.

It turns out that an actress from the South had recently met the producer to discuss a film project and was taken aback when he apparently made advances at her.

“This filmmaker is married and he has a family man image, but he has now started getting cosy with young actresses. He openly asks them for sexual favours in return for work,” says the source.

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