Shot in the dark: This star host threatens to quit reality show

The star host is apparently upset with the makers of the reality show

This superstar, who has been hosting a reality show for the past few years, is angry with the makers for the recent turn of events. The grapevine is abuzz that the actor has also threatened to quit the show.

Shot in the dark

Apparently, the star is upset with the recent controversy which involves two contestants who were seen hugging and kissing each other besides getting physical. Buzz is that the girl has now realised that she is pregnant.

The actor has told the creative team that he's not willing to host another season if they are keen to highlight such stuff. He does not want to be a part of the show in the future. The superstar, who was in no mood to listen, also made the makers realise that it's a family entertainment programme and every contestant be in their limits. As he anchors the show, he feels his credibility is also at stake.

This host also told the makers to throw the two concerned contestants out of the show. One of them was evicted yesterday, while the other will follow suit.

  • SR15-Dec-2014

    What kind of 'blind' item is this? Diandra Soares getting pregnant is all over the news!!!

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