This was a recently held star-studded event that took place in a suburb of Mumbai. Here many star kids were present, including this star’s brother and his brother.

Shot in the dark

But the actor chose to ignore him. An eyewitness says, “This star brother has acted in a few forgettable films; he attended the event along with his wife and son but he didn’t get a seat for nearly half an hour. In fact, no one acknowledged him and he too didn’t complain. Finally, after half an hour, someone made some space for the three of them near the media centre. But they didn’t interact with anyone even though they were invited by one of the star’s family members.”

This, however, didn’t stop the star from giving the cold shoulder treatment to his brother. Says a source, “During the event, one of the many celebrities came and sat next to the star brother.

The star’s wife then came to check on this celebrity but she didn’t bother to exchange pleasantries with the star’s brother. Similarly, the star too dropped in to check on the celeb but upon seeing his brother, he decided to walk away.”

The source adds that once the event was over, all actors were busy posing for the shutterbugs, but no one paid any attention to this star’s brother, nor did any celeb walk up to him. “He chose to leave the venue quietly,” says the source.