This star wife recently had an altercation with her sister-in-law. Turns out that with her husband away from home, she has been seeing a producer’s brother.

Shot in the dark

In fact, rumours about this star wife and this producer’s brother having an affair have been doing the rounds for many days now. But recently, this star’s sister saw the alleged beau leave her brother’s bungalow, and this led to a heated argument between the star’s sister and his wife.

Sources say that earlier on, when this star’s family first got word about the star’s wife getting close to the producer’s brother, they had spoken to the wife about this, but it seems that this has not stopped the star wife from meeting the producer’s brother.

“Recently, this star’s sister happened to visit the star home just when this man was leaving. This led to an argument between the star wife and the sister-in-law,” says a source.