Shot in the dark: This TV actor physically abused his actress-wife

Reports about this telly couple's troubled marriage have been doing the rounds since long, but this one comes as a shocker. The wife is known to be nauseatingly possessive, given her man's playboy reputation. Recently, they had gone abroad for a TV show shoot, but the bickering hardly stopped. And then, shockingly, it took the form of physical abuse.

Shot in the dark

A source says, “While in the foreign country, the actor would mingle with women, who were part of the show, while ignoring his better half. After bouts of argument, he dragged his wife to their room and beat her up.”

This was not the first time that the actor got violent with his wife, reveals a friend of the couple. “Due to constant tension in their relationship, they wanted to part ways two years ago, but then decided to give each other another chance. The wife has always claimed that there is no trouble in paradise, but after this incident, we are not sure if she would remain silent and bear it all,” adds the friend.

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