Months before this pretty, popular telly actress tied the knot with her non-industry beau, rumours of an imminent split had done the rounds. Now, even before the couple can celebrate their first wedding anniversary, gossip mongers have resurfaced with news of trouble in paradise.

Shot in the dark: TV actress and her husband headed for splitsville?

Sources close to the actress, who has had a fair share of visibility of fictional and reality shows so far, claim that she has quarrelling with her hubby over property ownership and finances. “We have overheard them arguing over a disputed family property, but we aren’t sure if it belongs to him or her and what exactly is the bone of contention. But, yes, they have been having nasty fights of late, and seem headed for a split,” a source points out.

Due to problems on her personal front, the actress has now become prone to mood swings and loses her cool rather easily, says another insider and adds: “She is materialistic as well as stingy. So, money is always on her mind. Now her financial demands have driven her husband up the wall. We won’t be surprised if they part ways in the near future over money issues.”