This film had an average star cast and dealt with an interesting concept but could not set off fireworks at the box-office. It is said that when a big banner chose to back the project, it laid down certain rules and got a script writer, who happens to be related to the producer, on board for his expert advice.

Says a source, "The film had a lot of potential although the crew members were new. The original script had a lot more soul and sense that what it eventually turned out to be. And that was because the script was modified to a great extent. The director and his team were helpless since they wanted financial support from the production house."

Adding to the director's woes, the producers did not allot a separate budget for the film's promotions since they were not too confident about its prospects. The film garnered only last-minute negative publicity. "They did not initiate any promotional activity from their side.

There was no city tour and the media interactions were limited. So, the star cast took the responsibility of spreading the word about their film on their own. The general sentiment among the cast and crew was that the makers were adopting a step-motherly attitude towards the small-budget film as it was made by newcomers. First, their interference and second, apathy worked against the film and led to poor business at the box-office," adds the source.