Shot by shot

Jan 16, 2012, 08:18 IST | Ashishwang Godha
Ouzos, the new bar in town, has an exhaustive list of shooters, but is let down instead by some uninspired snacks and un'popular' music

What's with the name, we kept wondering throughout our evening. We finally asked the bouncer at the door, as we walked out around midnight. "It's the feeling you get after a couple of drinks," he smiled. Walking down the stairs, trying to steady our feet, we understood what he meant.

Tequila shots. Pics for representational purposes only

Ouzos is a small space that's simple, but elegant. We settled down on the high tables with bar stools and pored over the exhaustive menu. Possibly Pune's only bar and lounge that concentrates exclusively on shooters, at Ouzos you can choose from rums, vodkas, liqueurs and even ice creams. 

Veggie Nachos

It took us a while to figure that the exhaustive list at the beginning of their menu were actually names of shooters, and not cocktails. Out of the blue, a round of complimentary shooters arrived. We especially enjoyed the saltiness and the fiery heat of the tequila shots, as the citrus of the lime kicked in. 

We chose a Snow Slider (Rs 400) shooter. It comes in a tiny glass and was a blend of peppermint vodka, Irish Bailey's and ice cream. It tasted a little too much of peppermint, and we transferred it to a martini glass with lots of ice. 

Our Veggie Nachos (Rs 250) followed soon enough, and we were grateful for the change of focus. The herbed nachos were incredibly fresh. The cheese sauce and the salsa accompanying it, however, were average. The sour cream turned out to be yoghurt. A big 'Oops!'

The service was attentive and we liked that there was always somebody to see to our needs. They play House for the most part and a little Trance. Ouzos is the kind of place you might like to stop by for a quick drink and a few nibbles. It would help, though, if they played some popular music, as well. 

At Post 91, first floor, Lane 7, Koregaon Park. 
Call 26109191/ 40179196

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