'Should I tell my guy about my one-night stand...'

Dear Diana,
I cheated on my boyfriend of two years with an old pal one night when my relationship was going through a rough patch. Since then I have not had any contact with the old friend and my relationship is back on track. Now the old friend is asking questions and trying to speak to me. He says he's in love with me. I don't feel the same about him. Should I tell my boyfriend what really happened between us?
— Anjori

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Anjori,
It all depends on how mature your guy is to handle it. If by telling him it is going to strain your relationship with him, it is better you keep quiet about it. It was just a one-night stand and there was nothing more to it. At the same time, if this old friend is going to create problems by telling everyone that he has developed feelings for you, it is better you tell your guy first before he hears it from someone else.

Dear Diana,
My ex-girlfriend and I were together for a year before we decided to go our separate ways. I don't really remember what made us think that we shouldn't give ourselves another chance. Maybe I got bored of her. Now I regret it and I want to go back to her. She's single, but she doesn't wish to talk to me. She says she's done with me and doesn't even want to see my face. I'm surprised by her reaction.
— Kumar

Dear Kumar,
She will play hard to get as you are now regretting the decision and want her back in your life. But she is in no mood to have you back in her scheme of things. If you still have feelings for her, tell her to give you one more chance. If she agrees, make amends and start anew instead of taking it casually and then calling it off. You will have to work on the relationship, so that she realises that you really care for her this time.

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