Should India worry or be excited about this Sachin Tendulkar-less era?

Madhav ApteMadhav Apte: Sachin will always be missed but every team has to go through this challenge. We did badly in SA conditions, but conditions will vary in different countries. The difference between a good player and a great player is in his ability to adapt.

Nari ContractorNari Contractor:
Everything comes and everything goes. Sachin has retired and you have to live with it, so why worry?

Bapu NadkarniBapu Nadkarni:
Sachin Tendulkar was going to announce his retirement some day. It’s just that this time a young Indian team is playing in SA, which has bouncy pitches, that we are not used to. But this team will mature with time.

Milind RegeMilind Rege:
Nobody can replace Sachin. There was a time when Sunil Gavaskar retired and people asked who would replace him. It’s the same now. The youngsters in the team are good, but let’s not expect results soon.  

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