Show must go on, says Pesi Shroff after mother's death

“If you knew my mother, you shouldn’t be surprised; she herself kept a busy day even at the age of 83. This is the only way I could have paid tribute to her, by doing what I ought to do, and more importantly, doing what she loved watching me do,” Shroff told this correspondent later in the evening. 

Pesi Shroff
This one’s for you, mom: Yana Trophy winner Silver Arrow (P Trevor up) is followed by trainer Pesi Shroff (in a suit) and assistant trainer Vishal Gaekwad (blue shirt) at the Pune racetrack yesterday 

Many years ago, at Shroff’s stables at the Mahalaxmi racecourse, I was witness to an incident when a young boy who wanted to become horse trainer came to him for advice. “Get into this profession only if you love horses and are absolutely passionate about them.

This is a 24/7 job, nothing can take priority over horses —  neither family nor kids, not even birth or death in the family,” Shroff had told the aspiring trainer,
Those were not just hollow words, as Shroff proved by his actions yesterday.

His mother, must have proudly watched him from above, and blessed him, because both the horses saddled by him — Silver Arrow and Mufasa — won their respective races.  

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