Showdown likely over beef festival in Osmania varsity

Hyderabad: A showdown appears to be on the cards with the defiant students' group deciding to go ahead with its plan to conduct a 'Beef Festival' on December 10 in Osmania University, despite university authorities' refusal of permission and a BJP MLA vowing to stop it. To counter them, another group of students have announced plans to organise a 'Pork Festival' in the university on December 10.  

"In fact, we did not apply for permission. Permission is not required for what we eat in our college and our hostel. We will definitely go ahead with the event," said Shankar, an organiser of the 'Beef Festival'.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Raja Singh, who has vowed to stop the 'Beef Festival', said he would go ahead with his plan of stopping them at any cost if the organisers tried to conduct the event even after refusal of permission.

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