Shruti's humming aloud

If there's anything that Shruti Hassan is more passionate about besides films, it's music. The petite lady, lady who's taken professional training in music and is at present a part of a band, says that music completes her as a person. Basking in the glory of the unusual number -- Kolaveri Di, Shruti gets talking about music:

Who: Shruti Hassan
What: Talks about her love for music

Riding on the wave
I don't think any one of us expected Kolaveri Di to be such a huge success. Right now, we are enjoying every compliment that's coming our way. We haven't stopped to analyse what made the song such a craze. The song has been sung entirely by Dhanush. I am there in the video by default as I was in the recording room during the making (laughs out loud). I have sung another song in the film. So far, I have had four-five releases and have sung a song in all of them. I enjoy singing as well as acting. The song I have sung in my upcoming release is very soft and mellow. 

A varied range
Music is an integral part of my life. It completes me. I find singing a very spiritual experience. I feel very de-stressed and peaceful when I sing or listen to music. I did a course in music from the Musicians Institute of California. Till date, one of the best concerts I ever attended was one in the US. I was much younger and had gone with my friends. The band was Meshuggah, and they belted out some fab heavy metal stuff. I also used to attend jazz and blues concerts.

However, I have also trained for five years in Hindustani classical music. So, it's been my first love. I don't enjoy any particular music genre; I listen to various kinds of songs depending on my mood. But I am a little partial towards fusion, though I enjoy listening to classical singers like Kishori Amonkar, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen as well. In fact, I am a great fan of Kishore Kumar. My favourite film is Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi. He was the best singer--cum-performer in India. I don't think that there will ever be someone else like him. 

Filmy talent
Today, cinema is moving away from conventional themes. Women characters are getting bolder. Keeping this in mind, composers are getting more experimental with music and sounds. I think it's a wonderful thing. If you ask me, amongst my co-stars, Dhanush, Siddharth and Suriya are good singers.


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