A press conference held for the film, Ek Villain, on Tuesday evening witnessed drama of another kind, as photographers refused to click images of lead actress, Shraddha Kapoor.

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

An eyewitness at the event says, "The entire star cast stood outside the venue to pose for a photograph but none of the lensmen clicked a picture.

Riteish Deshmukh, who is known to be friends with the media, came up to the photographers and asked them why they weren't taking photographs. He was then told that they all had decided to boycott photographing Shraddha Kapoor, owing to her unhealthy attitude towards them. Riteish then stepped back and went away."

Later on, photographers were invited inside the hall at Sun N Sand but they refused to budge. Ek Villain's director, Mohit Suri, as also Shraddha's co-star, Sidharth Malhotra asked photographers about why they weren't clicking any photos and the lensmen made it clear that they didn't wish to photograph Shraddha.

The actress and her manager then tried to reason with them. "She tried to make a conversation but no one spoke to her," says the eyewitness.

A photographer present at the event says, "Shraddha has been treating us badly all along; she has never posed for photographs with us. Once she made us wait for three hours at a channel event and after that, she promised to pose for our cameras but didn't keep her word.

Recently at Sidharth Malhotra's party too, she didn't bother to pose for us. If she doesn't care to be photographed, why should we click her at all?" In the end, photographers clicked Mohit, Riteish and Sidharth minus Shraddha.