Sibling rivalry for Raut twins at full marathon

Mumbai: Today’s full marathon event will see Rohini Raut and her twin sister Monica, who is younger by eight minutes, go head-to-head for the first time. Rohini finished third at the Mumbai Marathon last year with a timing of 3:03:21 while this is Monica’s first full race.

Mohini and Rohini
Mohini (left) and Rohini at the Trident yesterday. Pic/Atul Kamble

“As kids we used to run behind each other and Rohini was always faster than me,” said Monica, who is employed with the South Eastern Railway as a junior clerk.

“We started out in the track and field events and graduated to running cross-country in school together. I started running the full marathon only last year and this is my second marathon. Monica is running her first full marathon tomorrow,” said Rohini.

In fact, Rohini doubles up as a coach for her younger sibling. “I started running long distance before Monica. Hence, I teach her what I learn from my seniors during events,” said Rohini.

The twins though are looking forward to the experience of competing against each other. “Let’s see who wins. The prize money is finally going to come home only,” said Monica.

Monica speaks of the struggles they faced back home: “Our parents know nothing about athletics. For the initial three or four years, my father had no idea that we ran in local athletics events.

It was later when we started winning prize money running cross-country races they got to know about our bend towards running. We used to pay our school fees with the prize money many a times. Today, running has given me a job. 

Prize money is like a bonus in our household today. As my father gets nervous watching us run, he has never come to see us.” 

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