Siddhanth Kapoor gets injured on film set

Siddhanth Kapoor injured himself while shooting for Yazad Anklesaria’s upcoming movie, Fattack. During the shoot the scene required Shakti Kapoor’s son to be atop a ladder and paint a garage wall. While giving the shot, Siddhanth lost his balance and came tumbling down.

Siddhanth Kapoor
Siddhanth Kapoor

According to a source, “Siddhanth sustained injuries on his thigh and hand after he fell. The ladder shook a bit and he lost his balance.”

Adds the source, “There were a big pole and also some shooting equipment in the garage where he fell. But thankfully Siddhanth missed getting hurt by them or it would have been a bad injury.”

He was administered medical aid on the sets and later resumed shooting. 

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