The local textiles of any region are indicators of the history and the way of living of the locality due to their use of motifs, dyes and weave patterns. One such weave is the Baluchar Silk of West Bengal, which serves as an archive of 18th and 19th century Bengal.

(left) A motif depicting Sahib watering plants; (right) A sari depicting Nawab and Sahib enjoying a train ride

These saris, a sign of luxury and the royalty of Bengal have motifs such as women smoking hookahs, rich folks enjoying a ride of steam boats or trains and even nawabs with their pet falcons woven into their pallu. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) will be exhibiting 23 such masterpieces in collaboration with TAPI Collection.

The exhibition, titled Sahib, Bibi, Nawab, also marked the launch of a publication on Baluchar Silks authored by Eva-Marie Rakob, Shilpa Shah and Tulsi Vatsal. 

Till January 11 (shut on January 10), 10.15 am to 6 pm
At Curators’ Gallery, first floor, Extension building, CSMVS, Fort.