10 silliest inventions from the science hall of shame (Part 1)



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1. Japanese inventors marked the bicentenary of composer Mozart's death in 1991 by revealing a musical bra, which contained a microcircuit in the clasp and a small loudspeaker, which sat under the armpit. It played a 20-second blast of the Austrian genius whenever it was hooked up, reports the Sun.

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2. In 2001, Swiss engineer Paolo Rais created an 18-seater moving table, complete with chains and pully system. He was so happy with it he wrote to the Queen about it. He believed it would be "a good way for her to meet lots of people at banquets." She never wrote back.

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3. Inventors in 1997 put together a muzzle with a built in device to electrocute anybody it took a bite out of. Owners were given a button to press which activated the voltage and frazzle the burglar.



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