10 silliest inventions from the science hall of shame (Part 3)



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7. In 1998, a German called Karola Baumann came up with a device designed to make it easier to talk to animals-- a skullcap with large replica of animal ears attached, which moved as the wearer spoke.

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8. In 1986, French inventor Eugene Politzer registered a patent for a laser razor, built with a helium neon tube. Hairs, which passed through a mesh pressed against the skin would be burnt off. It even had a built-in fan to keep it cool.

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9. South African Jan Louw combined vacuum cleaning and hair cutter together, but his idea didn't quite take off. The cutter looked like a hair dryer, which sucked in hair to be chopped off.

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10. In 1967, a US firm devised a toothpaste which glowed in the dark and reflected the headlights of oncoming motors. The only problem with it was you had to keep smiling while you were walking, even if you were cold or it was raining.

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