Silver Arrow for Mystical Trophy

The first-named is tipped to win the event as he has age, form and bottom handicap on his side. Though technically Silver Arrow shapes as the best bet of the card, he may go out at prohibitively low odds to be rendered unbettable.

In that case, followers of Amistad (M H Ahmedbhoy Trophy) and Rio (Shantidas Askuran Trophy) can hope to return home with profit. First race at 2pm.

* Proletarian Plate (Class V; 1800m) Osric 1, Arzaan 2, Ice Beauty 3.
Mystical Trophy (Class I) Silver Arrow 1, Master Shifu 2.
Venus Arising Plate (Class IV) Wentworth 1, Monteray 2, Fabulous Florence 3.
Shantidas Askuran Trophy (Class II) Rio 1, Pitbull 2, Victorious March 3.
MH Ahmedbhoy Trophy (Class III; 2000m) Amistad 1, Ghazal King 2, Negotiator 3.
Astana Plate (Class V) Mzuri 1, Amaya 2, Midnight Lady 3.
Rhapsidion Snow Plate (Class III) Edwina 1, Celsius 2, Incentio 3

Best bet: Silver Arrow (2-4)
Good bet: Amistad (5-2)
Chance bet: Rio (4-3)
Upset: Step Up (7-6)

Today’s pools
Super jackpot pool: 2,3,4,5,6,7
Jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7
Treble pool: 5,6,7
Tanala pool: All races 

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